A Storm of Shadows (Part 1)


Tobali VII Asteroid Ring, Tobali System, Wild Space

  • the crew drops out of hyperspace… right in the middle of a strange, red ion storm which disabled their cockpit controls
  • Kez manages to get the ship controls working as Clong tries to, with little success, avoid the lightning strikes
  • they make their way out of the storm and find themselves in the planet’s asteroid ring
  • R2-RF scans for a couple hours trying to find the hidden Imperial base
    • Vegeta suggest some scanning parameters to narrow down the search
  • the ship is ambushed by a shreel, an enormous space rock snake creature, that they manage to blast apart
  • finally RF detects a faint signature coming from a huge asteroid that is probably the base their looking for, and then they find a hidden door on its surface
  • the crew transmits the access codes that Moxxi has, and the doors open an a nav beacon activates which would have guided them to the base

Hidden Imperial Asteroid Base

  • the door opens to a long flight corridor leading deep into the asteroid
    • the corridor is filled with a thick mist, water vapor, and it’s uncomfortably hot inside
    • they follow the tunnel as it winds into the heart of the asteroid, eventually ending at a docking bay
  • the crew exits the ship and enters the only door leading out of the hangar
  • it leads them down a catwalk in the center of a tunnel carved directly into the asteroid rock, pipes above and below it venting and hissing steam
  • they arrive at a intersection that leads to a hallway straight forward, then two others that curve away to the left and right
  • they head left, and run into a 9 foot tall stormtrooper, a dark trooper
    • they defeat the thing, which is apparently a droid
  • they enter a side passage that leads to a communications room
    • some digging around in the computer show them that the station hasn’t received any outside communication since the 2nd Death Star was destroyed 2 years ago
  • as they head back to the hallway, the crew is beset by more dark trooopers
  • as they fight forward, they find a heavily armored turret above the next intersection of hallways, and more dark troopers
    • Kez’s left leg is ripped apart by one of their plasma shells
  • after barely defeating the dark troopers, they continue to push on and find another side passage that leads into a maintenance room
    • they try to catch their breath and tend their wounds when the doors open and they’re under attack once more

Game Schedule

Since everyone seems be spoiled by the impromptu games we’ve had so far and expects rather than appreciates them, we are now switching to a more traditional schedule. Games will now be scheduled in advance, approximately two weeks apart. The next session will be September 2nd or 3rd. Players should let me know if they can make it as soon as possible. Games may be rescheduled, up to and including the day of, depending on player attendance or availability.

And if I ever determine that running this campaign is more of a headache than fun for me, I won’t think twice about ending it.

If anyone else wants to try running a game in the meantime, I will help out with materials and advice.

The Jewel of Yavin: Act III


Cloud City, Bespin, Bespin System, Anoat Sector, Outer Rim Territories

Tourist District
02:15 AM

  • the crew sneaks their way to the starport as the entire city is searching for them
  • they see a news report on an information kiosk saying to keep a look out for a group like theirs
  • they’re spotted by Grayon’s men, but they lose them in the crowd and Moxxi takes to the rooftops

Cloud City Starport
02:30 AM

  • they manage to get into the starport amongst the crowds
  • they spot Elaiza walking into the Galaxy Holo Park
    • they follow her, and Moxxi tries to convince her to come with them and talk this over
    • she refuses, but suddenly the Imperials spring an ambush and they’re surrounded by stormtroopers lead by Agent Ossnan of the ISB
    • Moxxi asks again, and Elaiza says she’ll help them fight off the Imperials if they get her off the planets
    • Elaiza ignites a green lightsaber and leaps into battle
    • they defeat the first wave of stormtroopers
  • Aris meets them at the spaceport entrance, says that she found out her father, Arend, planned to betray them and that they stole the bid money from her husband, Vorse Tabarith
    • she asks them to get her off planet, and she’ll split her share with them
  • the crew fights their way deeper into the spaceport
    •  they run into Grayson’s private security forces lead by Gantel Dro, a Defel ex-burglar
      • Vulgaris instantly kills Gantel with a headshot, scaring the rest of their forces into retreating
    • outside the door to their hangar bay they find Arend’s goons
    • as they defeat them, the Imperials catch up to them, lead by ISB Agent Ossnan and ISB Agent Tirsia Lek, known to them as bidder “Zekra Fol”
    • Agent Ossnan cripples Moxxi’s left arm with his disruptor rifle as she tries to get to the ship
    • as they make their escape, Vulgaris guns down and kills Agent Tirsia Lek
  • as they flee the planet, 12 TIE Fighters give chase
    • they destroy the TIEs as they reach the edge of the gravity well, and see an Imperial Star Destroyer closing on them as they jump to hyperspace

Hyperspace Enroute to Tatootine

  • Elaiza apologizes for stealing the Jewel of Yavin, but says it is necessary for the greater good
    • Moxxi, Clong, and Thera meditate with her
    • Clong sees where things went wrong, by their bounty hunters drawing the attention of the ISB with their distinctive armor
  • Thera Morrow gives Moxxi a handwritten note and datapad that Daasha Raal of the Sliver Foxes gave her to give to Moxxi while they were at the gala
    • the note is written by Zarei and has coordinates and access codes to a secret Imperial base in Tobali VII’s asteroid ring
  • Aris says she’ll start a new life
    • she always wanted to get away from her father and her husband, and now would be the perfect time
    • the crew offers for her to join them, but she thinks that they take more risks than she’s willing to, plus their ship seems to have a full crew complement
  • Moxxi asks Thera what she’s going to do now
    • Thera tells her that Elaiza invited her to come with her, saying she’s got some kind of power that can be nurtured

Mos Eisley, Tatooine, Tatooine System, Arkanis Sector, Outer Rim Territories

  • Aris divides up the money from the bank slicing job, giving the crew their cut, and then takes her leave
  • Elaiza and Thera say their good byes and disappear into the sunset
  • Clong tries to find someone to sell him a new disruptor pistol, but their deal is interrupted by an Imperial ambush
    • Niuk, the Sullustan black marketeer blames Clong for leading the Imperials to them and refuses to sell him the pistol

The Jewel of Yavin: Act II



Cloud City, Bespin, Bespin System, Anoat Sector, Outer Rim Territories

Port Town
03:30 PM

  • Moxxi find a lady of the night, a woman named Liera, and hires her to seduce Lobot, Cloud City’s cyborg systems administrator, and keep him busy for the night

The Gala, Figg and Associates Art Museum
06:00 PM

  • Moxxi greets Borgo and makes some small talk
  • Clong drinks with Vorse Tabarith and tries to get him liquored up
    • finds out that Vorse doesn’t even want the Jewel, is getting it for his wife
  • Moxxi convinces Vorse Tabarith that his men are getting fed up with his drunkenness and are on the verge of leaving him
    • Vorse decides to stop drinking and to turn his life around
  • Clong makes some small talk with Zekra Fol
  • Moxxi sees that Thera is thoroughly enjoying the drink selection
  • bidders drop out one by one until only Vorse Tabarith, Zekra Fol, and Borgo the Hutt are left
  • the auction is won by Vorse Tabarith at $240,000 credits

The Industrial Levels
11:30 PM

  • after the gala, the crew kidnaps a banking droid near an out of the way dock
    • they knock it out and drag it into an out of the way alley
    • Naboka works on slicing the money out of Tabarith’s account into the dummy accounts, but accidentally triggers an alarm
    • a squad of Wing Guard show up and detain the crew, who stand guiltily around the disabled banking droid, but are pulled away by a more pressing emergency
    • Aris contacts them and says she used her contact in the Wing Guards to distract that patrol, but they’re on their own next time
    • they throw the the banking droid out a maintenance hatch and let it fall to the planet below to destroy the evidence of their tampering

Port Town
Day 4: 12:30 AM

  • one of Clong’s new buddies from the Four-and-a-Half Cantina tells them where they can access the central wind corridor
  • they begin their long climb up to the museum
  • Moxxi climbs face first into a nest of rawwks
    • while blasting them, Clong’s Geonosian heavy blaster pistol sparks and stops working
      • Kez examines it and sees that it’s a factory defect (a Despair from the original purchase by Clong back on Geonosis)

The Figg and Associates Art Museum
01:40 AM

  • they enter the cleaning room and disable the cleaning droid
  • Vulgaris and Moxxi sneak through one side of the museum and make their way to the reception desk, while Clong prepares to steal the Jewel
  • Clong spots two guards in the Jewel room, and waits and watches because he doesn’t have a weapon
  • Vulgaris and Moxxi get spotted by the security droid and the gallery room they’re in goes into lockdown
  • the alarm goes off the crew take out the museum security with maximum force
  • Moxxi frantically erases the security footage
  • Clong disables the electro-railing around the Jewel of Yavin with his ion blaster, then snatches the Jewel off its plinth and replaces it with his broken Geonosian blaster
  • as they turn to leave, Elaiza approaches them
    • she asks them for the Jewel, and when they refuse she then tells them, “it will only bring you ill fortune unless you give it to me”
    • Clong gives her the Jewel, then she walks out of the museum and disappears into the crowd as the Wing Guard arrive
  • Moxxi tricks the Wing Guard into going into the museum while they make their escaspe

The Jewel of Yavin: Act I



Cloud City, Bespin, Bespin System, Anoat Sector, Outer Rim Territories

Day One

  • the crew lands in Port Town, the mid levels of Cloud City, and make their way to Market Row to meet with Aris Shen
    • they find her at the meeting point, but she’s being tailed by a group of men in black
    • Clong bumps into them and steals ones of their blaster pistols and distracts them long enough for Aris to get away
  • they meet Aris at a new rendezvous and she leads them to an apartment on Level 40 to meet her father, Arend Shen
    • Shen explains his plan: manipulate the people who are bidding at the Jewel of Yavin’s auction into spending as many credits as possible, steal the Jewel of Yavin, and slice the bank and transfer the winning bid to their accounts
  • they hire Naboka, an Ugnaught slicer, to help them with the bank slicing
    • Naboka prepares an excellent computer spike (+2b) for the slice job
    • tells them that he needs a sample of the government protocols
    • warns them about administrator Lobot’s defensive slicing capabilities
  • Clong goes carousing at the Four-and-a-Half Cantina, the best and worst place to hangout in Port Town
    • meets Gantel Dro, a Defel who’s in charge of some of the Jewel of Yavin’s guards
      • gives up some information about the security weaknesses of the museum
      • hates his boss, Marcus Grayson, the current owner of the Jewel
  • Moxxi inquires about the other racers in the Cloud City Grand Prix
    • she gets Arend to loan them a cloud car for the race
    • while shopping for modifications for their car, she meets a young girl named Thera Morrow who wishes she had a chance to compete in the Grand Prix, knows she could take home the gold
      • Moxxi tells her to meet her at a race track the next day to test her skills for a potential job offer
  • Kez strips some armor off the cloud car to increase it’s handling
  • Clong visits the museum and cases the joint
  • Vulgaris eavesdrops on the locals in Port Town to gather information
  • they find out the seven bidders are Vorse Tabarith, Pos Podura, Mil Mikkir, Shreya Odura, Borgo the Hutt, Zekra Fol, and Elaiza

Day Two

  • Moxxi and Kez meet Thera who runs a few laps around a makeshift, back alley raceway with her speeder bike
    • they determine she’s a better pilot than any they’ve got and hire her as their racer
  • Clong and Naboka go to one of Cloud City’s bank branches
    • Clong creates a distraction by bothering the customers and taking the water cooler and dumping it on his head while Naboka gathers a basic sample of the government protocols
  • Clong sneaks into Tarryn Razyer’s vehicle hangar to sabotage his ship by stealing of its modifications, but trips a silent alarm
    • calls Kez to come remove the part, sees security droids on the way to the hangar, but ignores them, enters, and starts working on the car
    • Clong goes to keep a look out and sees the incoming security droids
    • he goes over to them and tries to distract them, first by asking questions, then by firing his disruptor pistol and trying to hide it before they notice
    • the droids snare him then search him for weapons
    • Clong is able to draw his pistol just before they take it and starts shooting at them
    • Kez comes out and Clong tells him to run for it
    • Clong is knocked unconscious by the droids’ blasters, set to stun
  • Moxxi heads to the Tourist District to gather more information
    • meets Leina, an old friend of Shreya, at the Pair’O’Dice Casino
      • Moxxi tells her that she’s with Mil Mikkir now to try to get Shreya riled up
  • as Moxxi returns to the ship, she finds out that Kez went back and saved Clong, but couldn’t recover Clong’s disruptor pistol

Day Three: Race Day

  • they make preparations for the race
  • The Cloud City Grand Prix
    • the five top racers are the crew’s Thera Morrow, the Sliver Foxes’ leader Darap, the Corporate-sponsored Stormhawks, Cloud City’s Tarryn Rayzer, and the Hutt-sponsored Carbines
    • the Carbines, the Hutt team, collide with another racer and their control system goes haywire, and they drop out
    • it’s a close race at first, but then the Sliver Foxes shoot ahead and never lose the lead
    • Thera pulls ahead of the competition and manages a far second
    • the top three teams are invited to the gala that evening, the Sliver Foxes, the crew, and the Stormhawks
  • Aris prepares some formal clothing for the crew


Beyond the Rim: Act III


Raxus Prime, Raxus System, Tion Hegemony, Outer Rim Territories

  • the crew assesses the damage to the Krayt Fang
  • G-3N0 was knocked out during the crash
  • many of the survivors are critically injured, but Clong quickly tends to their wounds
  • Kez works on the ship for a six hours and is able to get it just barely working again

Scrapheap Point, IsoTech’s Secret Base

  • they land in one of the alcoves and are greeted by Norta, the Rodian manager of the base
  • Norta tells them that Reom will meet them here in a few days
    • surprised to see that they’ve brought Cratala, Captain Harsol, and the other survivors
  • IsoTech’s technicians perform preliminary repairs to their ship
  • the crew relaxes for a few days
    • Cratala installs a prototype cybernetic brain implant based on Old Republic technology onto Kez’s head
    • Doctor Kolp installs a cybernetic prosthetic leg onto Clong
    • while exploring the junkyard, Vulgaris and Moxxi happen upon an Imperial probe droid, but manage to hide from it
  • Norta asks the crew if they’d like to trade with the local Jawa skiffs that are pulling up
    • as Norta, Moxxi, and Kez go to look at their wares, they’re ambushed by the Yiyar clan, who were dressed as Jawas
    • Clong and Vulgaris are taken by surprise as a thermal detonator lands in the common room of the Bantha Can
      • Clong is knocked out and his new cybernetic leg is crippled by the explosion
      • Vulgaris finds Cratala and sneaks her out of there
      • he approaches the corellian corvette, the main “building” of the base, and Reom comes out with three armored mercs and fights back the Yiyar clan
    • Moxxi kills their leader, “Too Low” Talo and the Yiyar clan flees
  • Reom apologizes for deceiving the crew, says he’s been here the whole time
    • he was attacked in his office on the Wheel, so he came here to hide
    • he’s very pleased with the crew’s results from Cholganna and is willing to bring them on as business partners
  • Norta interrupts them with news that several Imperial ships are headed to the base
  • Reom tells them that the corvette is actually operational and capable of space flight, it just needs some final work done
    • Vulgaris sets escape charges to blow the junk away
    • Geno, Kez, and Cratala help with final sublight engine repairs
    • Clong treats some technicians injured in an power coupling accident
    • an Imperial shuttle drops off a squad of stormtroopers by their ship
      • Vulgaris and Moxxi go to stop them
      • Vulgaris snipes all four of them in the blink of an eye
  • Kez volunteers to stay on the Blockade Bandit, while the rest of the crew takes off first in the Krayt Fang
    • two TIE fighters move to intercept, but Kez blows them away with the corvette’s turbolasers
  • as they break atmosphere, they see two Imperial system patrol craft moving to intercept them
  • between the Blockade Bandit and Krayt Fang, they’re able to scare off the Imperial ships and disable their weapons long enough for the corvette to jump to hyperspace
  • the entire crew crowds into the cockpit attempting to get their own ship into hyperspace as two squadrons of TIE Fighters move to intercept them from the Imperial station

Iso-One, Derelict Bulk Freighter, IsoTech Mobile Operations Base, Sector S5, Outer Rim Territories

  • the crew docks with the Iso-One
  • spend a month there as their ship is repaired, refueled, and refitted
    • the IsoTech engineers adjust the transponder on their ship to match an old decommissioned ship they had and update the BOSS registry with a new name, the Sagacious Magistralis
  • Moxxi finds out the Darap of the Sliver Foxes is heading to Bespin to race in the Cloud City Grand Prix
  • Clong is contaced by his handler, ‘Dusk,’ who tells him that the Pyke Syndicate wants him to meet with Arend Shen on Bespin for a job… to steal the Jewel of Yavin

Beyond the Rim: Act II



  • Chol Nebula, Chol System, Outer Rim Territories
    • the Krayt Fang drops out of hyperspace in a dense nebula, the sensors are blinded and tiny asteroids break on the ship’s surface
    • the crew slowly flies out of the cloud and comes upon the planet Cholganna
  • Cholganna
    • they scan the planet from orbit, pick up a faint signal for a moment that might have been another ship on the other side of the planet
    • their able to narrow down the hemisphere and quadrant of the Sa Nalaorcrash
    • they get closer and continue scanning and find several possible crash locations
    • at their first stop, they find an old escape pod at the bottom flooded crevasse
      • Vegeta uses his jetpack to smoke out the swarm of bugs that seems to be living inside
      • there’s a black box inside, but Kez damages whatever data it might have contained while trying to extract it
      • two arboreal octopuses ambush Moxxi
        • as they wrap themselves around Moxxi, Kez fires his blaster rifle at them and instantly drops Moxxi instead
    • at their second stop, they find the engine section of the ship embedded in a waterfall
      • Clong swims down from the top and enters the wreckage
        • confirms from inside that it was part of the Sa Nalaor
        • the inside is nearly picked clean
    • at their third stop, they find the main hull of the Sa Nalaor crashed near a river, and they split up to search it
      • Vegeta goes up into the bridge control tower, while Kez and Moxxi search the lower decks
      • both groups ambushed by cybernetically enhanced nexu
        • Kez is nearly paralyzed by fear, but manages to crush the nexu’s windpipe with a well placed punch
        • Vegeta knocks out the cyber nexu he’s fighting then pushes it into the empty turbolift shaft
          • it falls into the darkness below, then lands with a sickening crunch
      • Clong finds the body of a dead Rodian, Yiyar clan from the way he’s dressed
      • as they head back to their ship, the Rodians ambush them
      • in the middle of the fight, Captain Harsol arrives with three reevos, some of his men, and some battle droids
        • he gets the two groups to stop fighting and tells them to come back to their retreat with him
    • The Retreat, Hidden Survivor Base
      • the crew meets Cratala, the cybertech that Reom was looking for
      • Captain Harsol thinks they would be safest hiding here, Cratala is afraid of being captured by the Empire
      • the crew tries to convince the survivors to come with them and work for IsoTech who will take care of them
      • the Yiyar clan offers them the same thing, but ends up angering them
      • the crew spends sometime hanging out with the survivors over the next couple days
        • find out that Harsol’s been getting more crazy and paranoid and that Cratala wants to leave because she can’t advance her research with the limited resources they have, but doesn’t want to stand up to Harsol
        • Moxxi endears herself to Cratala, convinces her that they can keep her well out of the Empire’s reach
        • Vegeta races a child and lets him win
      • the Yiyar clan sneaks off in the night with some of Cratala’s data
      • suddenly a ship roars past overhead, and they see Imperial probe droids flying towards them and hear speeder bikes in the distance
        • Harsol almost loses it, pulling his blaster on the party, but Moxxi talks him down and convinces him that now is the time for them to abandon the Retreat and leave the planet
        • Cratala goes nuts and locks herself in with the nexu, but Moxxi calms her down
      • ISB Agent Ossnan along with a lance of scout troopers arrives at the front gate telling the survivors that they’re here to rescue them
        • they release the remaining cyber-nexu on the Imperials, then send the droids and the reevos at them while they escape through the other gate with 22 survivors
    • Krayt Fang Landing Zone
      • they make their way through the jungle and find another lance of five scout troopers on speeder bikes guarding their ship
      • Clong helps the group sneak up to troopers and they attack
        • G-3N0 uses the ship’s laser cannon and blows up one of the speeders, then provides covering fire
        • two of the speeder bikes strafe Clong with their mounted light repeating blasters and his left leg is sheared off by blaster fire
        • Vulgaris snipes one scout trooper from extreme range, right off his bike
          • he blasts one of the bike’s in it’s engine and it goes careening off into another bike, and they explode
        • Moxxi rallies some of the survivors to her side and they swarm one of Imperials
      • Moxxi drags Clong onto the ship as they hear more speeder bikes echoing in the distance
    • Cholganna Orbit
      • despite missing a leg, Clong takes the pilot seat and jets out of there
      • as they break out of the atmosphere, they find a Surronian Conqueror-Class ship tailing them, the Perfidy Venture
        • the Venture hails them and tells them to surrender the Cratala to them and the Rodians
        • the crew responds with laser fire
        • the Venture gets right on their tail, and Clong has trouble shaking them
        • the Fang takes heavy damage and is almost disabled by the Venture’s ion cannon
        • they knock out the Venture’s hyperdrive with a lucky shot, then escape to hyperspace
  • Raxus Prime, Raxus System, Tion Hegemony, Outer Rim Territories
    • as soon as they drop out of hyperspace the orbiting Imperial station hails them, telling them they are wanted by the Imperial Security Bureau and to stop their ship and submit for immediate boarding
    • they make a break for it, diving into the atmosphere and heading towards the extensive canyon network of rock and junk
    • two TIE fighters move to intercept them
    • the Fang flies down into a canyon and one of the TIEs crashes into the canyon entrance, and they shoot down the other
    • before they’re to get out of the canyon, Clong crashes the ship into a giant arch of junk which comes down in an avalanche onto the ship, and the Krayt Fang crashes onto the planet’s surface